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J. Mendes Nobre, Lda. was founded in April 1986, is headquartered in Bencatel, Vila Viçosa municipality, is a family business with 21 active workers. Initially started by engages in selling scrap and extraction of marbles, but currently already has a vast knowledge in the field of marble, having left almost completely the sale and marketing of scrap.


The main objective of this company is the internationalization, since it has hardly done exports in recent years. Expected strong growth for years to come, because in January 2014 absorbed the assets of Marbossera, Lda. and create the MARBOSSERRA brand with a much higher know-how externally.


What will create more jobs and the economic growth of the county where it operates.



D'El Rey Quarry

D'El Rey is located close to Bencatel, area of Marble. This quarry is about 25 years old, and making it the only pink quarry in the world!

Vigária Quarry

The Quarry of the Vicariate, is our secondary quarry, it has been stopped and now reopened. Quarry approximately 15 years old, and of white material.

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